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What is MosquitoX?

The Good Earth Garden Center presents mosquito mister services or products through our MosquitoX divison! Our company's professional, trained team provides plan, installation and maintenance services of MosquitoX misting systems used for residential buildings and commercial organisations in the state of arkansas.

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What Is MosquitoX?

The Good Earth Garden Center offers mosquito mister products and services severed through our MosquitoX divison! Our own qualified, trained crew offers design, installation and maintenance services or products of MosquitoX misting solutions intended for residential dwellings and commercial organizations in the state of arkansas.

MosquitoX is Custom Designed

MosquitoX automatic mist systems are custom-built for your property. The systems employ a series of pressure sensitive nozzles linked by nylon material hoses; all of these mister nozzles are spread strategically along the border of your house and could be concealed utilizing your fence line, eaves, trees or other landscape features.

Environmentally Safe

MosquitoX employs an range of effective, ecologically safe and secure products with permethtrin, pyrethrin and critical oils confirmed to repel and kill unwanted insects like as moquitoes, wasps, roaches, flies, ticks and more. The solution is water-based and safe to apply around food product and family pets.

Call us today at MosquitoX to answer your questions about
Arkansas Mosquito Control and get your FREE estimate today!
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Call us today at MosquitoX to answer your questions about
Arkansas Mosquito Control and get your FREE estimate today!
We look forward to speaking with you.

Call Us At (501)777-9937

Eliminate Mosquitos Conclusively

Nothing damages a lovely summertime night like mosquitoes. Insects spread out illness such as encephalitis, West Nile Virus, as well as the significantly harmful Zika Virus. Fortunately, with a good insect control system in area, you can appreciate your summer season and keep your household risk-free from these bugs.

Any person that has attempted to battle insects with insect zappers, citronella candles, or backyard torches knows that these are half-measures at best. Bug zappers are specifically ineffective since mosquitoes are not particularly drew in to ultra violet light. A pest zapper is more likely to kill organic predators of insects, such as dragonflies or damselflies, which can really make a mosquito issue worse.

Exactly what is a great mosquito control system? The Good Earth Garden Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, is happy to supply an ingenious system of insect control called MosquitoX which is much more efficient compared to those approaches, as well as does not have the ecological as well as wellness expenses related to the spraying of rough chemicals. The Good Earth has actually been a relied on source of outside living details, solutions, and products for over 40 years. MosquitoX works, and also it is environmentally safe.

MosquitoX: What it is as well as just how it Works - Arkansas Mosquito Control

MosquitoX is a misting system that regularly launches a haze of insect repellent throughout your home. The misting system is made up of a storage tank, controller, nylon tubing, and also stress delicate, all which can be set up so as to be hidden within your landscaping, together with your patio area, or along with your fencing line. The whole system is automated, but could likewise be conveniently managed by a push-button control. The systems use a regular 110v electrical outlet, as well as might be activated and off as needed. The system mists an average 3 to 4 times each day, with each misting lasting for 20 to 45 seconds. With this system in position, you can assure yourself an insect cost-free summertime.

MosquitoX is Environmentally Safe

The repellent formula made use of by MosquitoX works however environmentally safe. Non-hazardous repellents such as permethtrin and pyrethrin are used, along with all-natural oils shown to push back bugs. This formula will likewise push back various other parasites, such as wasps, roaches, and also ticks. The water based option is secure to utilize around food and also pets.

MosquitoX is Provides a Quality and Convenient Service

MosquitoX can commonly be set up in a solitary day. The results are frequently seen instantly. We utilize a professional and well experienced team to give style, installation and upkeep solutions to every one of our clients throughout Arkansas. If you ever require assistance readjusting your company in anyway, we are only a telephone call away. With this customized made, environmentally risk-free, automatic misting system, you no much longer need to cobble with each other inefficient remedies, or have your lawn splashed over and over with severe chemicals.

Keep your household safe from irritating insect bites, as well as harmful illness such as Zika Virus. Don't take chances with inferior top quality systems. We want you to have an excellent summertime, devoid of problems concerning insects, so contact us today for a totally free appointment as well as price quote!

Call us today at MosquitoX to answer your questions about
Arkansas Mosquito Control and get your FREE estimate today!
We look forward to speaking with you.

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